30 Mind-Numbing Lists You Can’t Live Without Reading

It’s no secret that lists are the latest and greatest way of getting readers’ attentions in the world of online blogging, and this list format is quickly becoming the new way to do online journalism. So if you’re like me and love lists and satire, then check out this list of lists!

  1. 14 Reasons Why I Upchucked my Breakfast When I Saw the Title of a Buzzfeed Article
  2. 38 Things That I Should be Doing Instead of Reading This (And Writing This!)
  3. 19 Generic Ideas About College That Will Waste Your Time
  4. 23 Quotes That I Stole From Special K Cereal Boxes
  5. 2 1/2 Men
  6. 12 Crazy Trends That Will Disappear by the Time I Finish Posting This Article
  7. 47 Wishy-Washy Opinions About Controversial Tweets
  8. 25 Gifs That I Crafted This List Around
  9. 6 Things You Already Do That Will Change Your Life
  10. 18 Microscopic Trivialities We’re OBSESSING Over
  11. 2 Options You Have in Life (Spoiler: Live or Die)
  12. 3 Essentials to Surviving (Spoiler: Food, clothing, shelter)
  13. 15 Things This One Celebrity Did That No One Cares About
  14. 29 Clickbait Titles That You’ll Want to Read But the Article Don’t Exist
  15. 8 Steps to Perfectly Spacing Out Your Descriptions so the Reader Doesn’t See the…
  16. 101 Dalmatians
  17. 20 Hacks to Getting Better Grades (The Last One Will BLOW YOUR MIND)
  18. 49 Videos That Have Compelling Descriptions But Will Let You Down
  19. 21 Ways to Erase This Lame Article From Your Memory
  20. 35 Things Women Should Do to Cater to the Male Gaze
  21. 27 Easy and Delicious Recipes That Aren’t at All Easy and Not Tasty Either
  22. 41 Struggles of Adulting, Including Picking Out Your Own Clothes
  23. 33 Celebrities That Look the Same as They Did 25 Years Ago (Suspicious…)
  24. 68 Countries You Should Travel to With All the Money You Don’t Have
  25. 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall
  26. 14 Ways to be Completely Independent and Isolate Yourself From Humanity
  27. 43 Articles With Ironic Titles That Shock You Into Clicking On Them, i.e….
  28. 294 Reasons Why You Should Always Ignore the Suffering
  29. 10 Staged Screenshots of Men Who are the Real MVP
  30. 30 Ways Journalism is Dead

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