Nadia: the Announcement

Thank you everyone who reads my blog every week! I want to start off by announcing that my novel is finally available on OhioLink! I wrote it as the thesis project for the Honors College during my undergraduate and it has just been accepted into OhioLink’s ETD database. You can read Nadia Montgomery: A Novel here, and this is abstract:

Nadia Montgomery is unapologetic. She tells it like it is and does what she wants, but on the inside she suffers from her emotionally painful past, which she refuses to confront. One day, she decides to drop out of college and run away by herself, a young woman’s journey for self-discovery. She winds up in Washington, D.C. looking for fun and adventure, but the trip is not what she expects. Along the way, she is urged to face her true emotions and her unpleasant past. Nadia tells the story of a young woman’s journey of running away in the 21st century and the feelings of inadequacy, isolation, and longing for something “more” that so many of her peers experience today.

Recently I got an iPad, and so I will be using my new resources to enhance the multimedia quality of my blog posts, such as being able to make comics digitally now. I look forward to what I will be bringing to you with it!


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