Illustration for Eve’s Wild Adventure

Hey folks! For this week’s blog post, I illustrated a scene from one of my previous blog posts, Eve’s Wild Adventure, which is a children-oriented story about a cat named Eve who gets a pawful of adventure one day—even though she didn’t really want it. You can read that story here!

The rest of this post will be updates! Recently, I designed a logo for myself, which is my initials with a pencil on the side. Using that logo, I created and ordered business cards, which you can check out below:


I’m really excited with how these turned out because I think they reflect my combined interests in writing, editing, and art/design. I have 250 of them, so feel free to ask for some next time you see me!

Additionally, I promised y’all an update on the passport photo challenge, which I discussed in last week’s blog. If you need to, you can review it here.

So, did I get my passport photo?

I didn’t do it Tuesday, like I had considered, because that was the only day I really had extra time. BUT because I had to report back to my blog about it, I squeezed it in Thursday. I went into Walgreens, had the pic snapped, and after the kind employee struggled logging into the computer because his login wouldn’t work and called over a coworker to help, boom! Done, just like that. Naturally, the way it worked out, I stopped to get my passport photo right before I went to my hair appointment, so basically I got a greasy photo of myself taken which I will have to use the next ten years, and right away went to a salon and had it washed and cut and styled. Typical.

Lastly, I’d just like to share with all of you awesome, supportive readers kind of where I envision my blog going from here. I started this blog as a fun, wacky independent project where I was able to publicize my take on the world—or at least, make people laugh through my sarcastic portrayal of the world. It’s grown a lot since then, since I now write occasional serious pieces or even draw comics, or write poems and the such.

Now that I’m able to focus more on my blog, I’d like to start doing even more with it. I am trying to incorporate more visual and multimedia content to make my blogs more enriching, such as illustrating my stories or making promotional images for my blog. I’m even considering designing merchandise with Slanted Spines quotes on it.

I’m having a lot of fun playing around with all these creative outlets and I’m looking forward to what Slanted Spines will grow into!


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