Hey B


B, two years ago you asked me out and began making me even happier than I thought I could be. My heart dropped into my butt, and I begged myself to be cool about it, but I was ecstatic. I saw your heart, your humor, your intelligence, and I felt such a strong connection to you–a connection that has only bloomed with time. Remember when you asked, “How are you today?” at work and I said, “Incredible,” and you replied, “Incredible? That’s a good answer,” and we anagrammed that word and I started reserving its use for only the truly beautiful? Or, remember how it was Thanksgiving two years ago that you started texting me “Hey” at 9:45 PM every day? You’ve only missed a handful of days since then, which is incredible. Remember how I was so sick on our first date, that I brought a bottle of Muccinex in my purse? How did I get a second date? Haha.

One of the reasons I love you so much is that you never make me feel bad about who I am. You See Me, and you see my beauty and my faults and you know my heart and never make me feel ashamed for my quirks or insecurities. You encourage and inspire me and I am so grateful for you and the respectful and loving way you always treat me. You are my light, my love, my sun and stars, and I am a better person and a better woman because of you. I hope that we can continue to bloom together for a very long time, B. I love you so much.



4 thoughts on “Hey B

  1. That’s a beautiful thing, when you find a person that the two of you compliment each other. You can be independent, and together at the same time. Hold on to that special love. Never take it for granted, and let it grow as the two of you grow. Love you guys so much.


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