Apparently squirrels experience generational differences as well…

For more comics from Brittany Cole, visit the Slanted Spines comics page.

Hey there! Hope you enjoyed my comic. This week I was very artistic and in addition to the Squirrel-ennials creation, I also created another piece of digital art that I’m excited to share with you, totally inspired by Slanted Spines and my readings of the Buddha Dharma. I call it “Reaching Lotus.”

This piece was totally spontaneous and organic to create, and I enjoyed every moment with it. Here is the PDF form if you would like to print a copy of it: Reaching Lotus.

When I draw something I’m really pleased with, I like to set it as my phone lock screen. This one has a lot of vibrant colors, so when I tested it as a lock screen, I found it difficult to read the time and date. So, I edited the original piece and created a simplified version, which I also wanted to share with you:

Please feel encouraged to print or save these images!

Thanks! Namaste~


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