Slanted Photographs

Even as a writer, sometimes I feel as though I have no words. As my thoughts roll fluidly like a gentle river, calmly meandering and spreading out, my lips remain still, parting only to deliver my breath. There are times when I cannot iterate, and rather, can only experience my emotions.

This is how I find myself this week, and so I am offering my photography in place of my writing or drawing. Please enjoy these portraits and snapshots I’ve taken this past month, which feature my cat, my boyfriend, and some local spots.

A Note: Although I have titled this “Slanted Photographs,” these pictures don’t follow any particular theme. The title is a shortened version of “Slanted Spines’ Photographs,” a new series on my blog.


Local Spots

Jerrica Damask’s @goodhighhappy sign by Scribbles
Davey School at 8:00 AM on a Thursday during the coronavirus pandemic

Still Lives

His and hers glasses!
Finding the art in the restaurant’s currently unused bulk dishware

I took these pictures with my new Sony a6000 Mirrorless digital camera and edited them on Adobe Lightroom.

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