Slanted Photographs 2

Photography has been one of my personal hobbies throughout my life, an activity that I really enjoy but mostly do for myself. This summer I’ve been experimenting with my Sony a6000 mirrorless camera, so enjoy some of my favorite shots, all edited with Adobe Photoshop Express!

*If you are interested in obtaining a photograph without the “Slanted Spines” watermark, please contact me directly.

*Please do NOT share or post ANY of my photographs without asking my permission first!

Local Scenes

I took this photo during an early morning walk. I loved the textures of the leaves against the sky. When I edited it, I softened the photo to make it feel a little more magical.
Another shot from my sunrise walk. I like capturing “messages” in photos
My neighborhood has so many pretty flowers
Iconic view
A gorgeous sunflower during sunset. When editing, I went against my instincts and cooled down the temperature to give it a different feel.
Campus has such beautiful old buildings.
This photo was actually an accident, the first of many pictures of these plants in which I tried to remove myself from the shot. However, when I looked back over them later, I fell in love with how this picture was focused on the grainy glass, and my imperfect hand/camera in the corner. This one is my favorite.
Have I mentioned how gorgeous these buildings are?
Edited this with a green vibe and softened.
I love how the fence looks streaked with water after a rain fall. I like this picture because of all the lines and angles.
Dimmed to add moodiness and vibrance increased.


I like how this shot is crooked, and contemplative. Added warmth, grain, and fade to make it feel weathered.
Last picture! I took this selfie to celebrate my nose.

For more photography by Slanted Spines, visit the Art and Photography page!


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