Thanks for 2020?

It’s not quite the end of the year yet, but I’m going to dedicate this week’s post to reflecting on 2020, which is traditionally my last post of the year (see: “Thanks for 2018!” and “Thanks for 2019!”), but I’m bringing it to you a bit early because I have a few specific blog posts planned for the following weeks. (Also, I kind of just want to get this over with…)

*clears throat and straightens tie* At the end of every year, it’s natural for us to look back on the previous year and attempt to summarize our experiences. How have we grown? What have we accomplished? What has changed? *clicks to next PowerPoint slide* This is typically a time when we feel gratitude for the past year’s blessings and celebrate our journey, highlighting whatever achievements we’ve made.

However, this year has been radically different. *insert graph* The year 2020 has become a joke to many, often synonymous with disappointment or unrelenting misfortune. Most notably, the virus COVID-19 rapidly spread throughout the world and in March, almost every establishment had to drastically adapt or shut down. (Or ignore the existence of a pandemic altogether and endanger countless people’s lives… Awkward.)

*record scratch* However, 2020 was a BIG year for me. HUGE! I, a self-proclaimed winner, accomplished so many things. Pandemic shamdemic, a true worker quits for nothing. Never stop hustling, that’s my motto. CHASE YOUR DREAMS!!! *roars and rips off shirt*

It’s been my BEST YEAR YET. I seriously don’t even think you’re prepared enough for how WOWed you’re going to be by what I’ve been able to do. Ma’am, do you have a firm grip on your socks?? Awesome. Without further ado—

*lasers project upon the ceiling*

Brittany’s Epic Year in Review: Highlights from 2020

  • Made a bird feeder out of a Pringles can and a twig
  • Moved the trash can to a different spot in the kitchen
  • Rekindled my passionate love of onions now that nobody smells my breath anymore (except Bryant; bless his soul)
  • “Shop n’ Scan” is now our regular method for grocery shopping at Meijer
  • Lost my job at the restaurant
  • I now spend every waking moment with my cats (and many sleeping moments as well)
  • Still haven’t downloaded TikTok, is there an award for this?
  • Successfully avoided the “bread-making” phase of quarantine which saved me a lot of hassle
  • A pumpkin patch grew in our front yard (completely of its own volition) and yielded 1 Pumpkin (which I have now returned to the earth and the squirrels
  • Trimmed my own hair this year. This is neither “good” nor “bad,” merely “passable.”
  • Watched the entire series of Lost and experienced the DISAPPOINTMENT which was that finale
  • Sweatpants are the staple of my wardrobe
  • Fresh air has NEVER been sweeter
  • Killed almost every plant I owned (currently working on killing the last two!)
  • Bryant and I have spent almost every single day together this year and STILL love each other
  • Spent $0 on makeup
  • I have become intimately familiar with the daily routines of the neighborhood
  • Discovered that if I never stop reading, I can’t worry about my own problems!
  • Haven’t gotten or transmitted COVID-19 (just knocked on my wooden desk!!!!)

Clearly, I am on fire!! I am unstoppable!! What new feats will I conquer in 2021?? How can I possibly outdo myself?!

*blog post pauses as my focus group turns to me and gently breaks the news that this is a ridiculous article and I should rapidly switch gears before this concludes into one flaming pile of dog poo—which would be very “on brand” for 2020*

My beta readers are telling me that it would behoove me to set my pithy attitude aside and be genuine for 0.2 seconds of my life (or however long it takes you to read the remainder of this).

While this past year has been a less eventful year in my life, I’ve come to a point where I’m totally fine doing “nothing” and I’m enjoying each “boring” day of my life. I don’t feel the need to prove myself or constantly churn out productivity, because I’m just the type of person who likes a peaceful existence.

I do have four items that I would like to point out, for the sake of saying “Thank you” to my readers and viewers. This year,

  • I created a Slanted Spines YouTube channel in May which now has 380 subscribers. Thank you so much to everyone who watches my content! This has been one of the best things to come of this year. I love making videos and engaging with the Booktube community online. Each week, the biggest thing I look forward to is creating and uploading new videos, as well as watching my friends’ videos.
  • I wrote a four-part story called “The Man with a Thousand Voices” which I love.
  • I read significantly more books this year because of my additional free time and desire to escape reality, which led to me writing many book review blog posts! I started off the year with the Slanted Spines Book List which I had intended to be a book club, and while that didn’t necessarily work out as I had hoped, I have had countless alternate opportunities to discuss books with others.
  • Slanted Spines turned 5 years old on my 25th birthday! I can’t believe I’ve been writing to this blog for five whole years.

I’m very proud of these things, and after a lot of diligent creative and technical work, it’s rewarding to take a step back and appreciate myself and the people who routinely encourage me. So—thank you!

While comparatively, I’m far happier and emotionally balanced than I ever have been at any other point in my life, it has still been a difficult year for me. I threw myself into reading, and consequently, Slanted Spines has reflected that with the increase in its book-oriented content. To some degree, I’ve relied on these book reviews for blog posts because they’re easier for me to write, and throughout 2020, I really needed “easier.”

In 2021, I’d like to return to drawing comics, writing pithy blog posts, as well as continuing with the book posts, but if you have any input about what you enjoy most as a viewer, please let me know! What do you like to see from Slanted Spines?


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