My Manifestation Journal

I didn’t set out to begin a manifestation journal, but I fell into it all the same. About a month ago, I was experiencing an increase in my anxiety and before bed one night, sought to quell my nerves a bit. From my pile of yet-unused notebooks, I grabbed a journal and wrote a couple pages, addressing myself as I would endeavor to comfort a loved one. And it helped, a little, so I kept returning to it every night.

Here’s a little bit about my manifestation journal thus far.

I call it a “manifestation journal,” but it could just as easily be called something else. Initially, my intention was to do just that–manifest. I wrote sentences like, I will sleep peacefully and deeply tonight. I will wake up tomorrow grateful for another day of life. I will meet tomorrow’s challenges with patience, grace, and strength. Any struggle I face will not be so great as to break me.

My manifestation journal

Like I said, I didn’t at first think it would be a recurring activity. But then the next night, I felt similarly anxious and recalled the calming effect the process had upon me, and I found solace in these affirming statements. Even if the sentiments I wrote didn’t come true–and I slept rather restlessly–for the moments I was writing in the journal, I was negotiating some degree of contentedness, and my attitude was that of, “Well, I can always try again tomorrow.”

Sometimes I’m specific with the manifestations. Sometimes I write, I will complete my morning routine and feel renewed for the day. I will attend my first day of work and my boss will be pleased with my work. Going through my expectations for the following day–because, for the most part, I only allow myself to look one day ahead so that I don’t overwhelm myself–I itemize the different objectives on my schedule and pinpoint where I feel anxiety or uncertainty. Realizing what is causing upset feelings, I write lovingly towards it, manifesting the best outcome. At the same time, I also leave room for instances in which I don’t fully “succeed” at my agenda, and include reassurance that no matter what happens, I’m still enough as I am, and life will be okay enough.

Other times, I’m vague. This leaves room for all the variables that may arise in the future. Tomorrow is whatever I make of it. I will feel gratitude and find joy in the small things. I will remember to breathe deeply and laugh heartily. This is for when I just need to remember what I value and touch the humility of living.

As I continued writing in this journal each night, I also began writing affirmations to myself. I am a kind person. I am doing my best, and I deserve to rest when I need balance. I am only one human, and I do not need to prove anything. I share love with myself and others. Writing this feels nice, because I allow myself to acknowledge my attributes and smile gratefully towards myself.

When I’m on a roll, sometimes these expressions of gratitude and life lessons extend outwards as well. Life is a bit much, but all we can do is show up each day and take things one breath at a time. The rose needn’t do anything special in order to be appreciated; merely being a rose is enough. The journey is the destination. These are great reminders for myself and help shift my focus to a more habitually healthier outlook.

My manifestation journal

My manifestation journal is different from my regular journal in that I’m more specific in my manifestation journal. I don’t write my fears, I don’t reflect on what I did or felt in the past; I merely look towards tomorrow and harvest well wishes for myself and those around me. I don’t leave room for doubts, I just wrap myself in a soothing embrace with my words. And if I need to vent, if I want to write about something upsetting or challenging, I take that to my other journal. But my manifestation journal feels more sacred to me.

Sometimes, I even reread the manifestation journal entry in the morning, too. I refresh myself with the previous night’s goodwill and it helps me enter the day with a boost of self-love I left for myself like a message in a bottle. Other times, I flip to previous entries and absorb their tenderness or wisdom, having forgotten a certain sentiment or lesson in the days’ tumult. Sometimes, I don’t have the energy to write a new entry, but at least I always have the old ones to return to.

As I mentioned, sometimes I write in this every night a week, and other times I skip days at a time. I don’t guilt myself when I miss nights; that would turn this activity into another task or chore on my lengthy agenda. However, I’ve found a lot of joy and comfort in this sweet ritual, and I hope that if it sounds like something you might need in your life, that you give it a try, too.

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