Hello friend! I’m glad you are here. Say, you look good today… In fact, you look like someone who should treat themselves to some custom Slanted Spines apparel, designed by yours truly, today! I think the beautiful designs would complement your glowing natural auora…

So if I have your interest, my drawing of the Slanted Spines skeleton, or N.T. Ed, is available on a variety of styles and colors through Bonfire. The products will all be manufactured at the close of the campaign sale and sent directly to you! I receive a portion of the proceeds, and the shirts look so good on everyone!

Shop Slanted Spines on Bonfire


I also have a donations section, where you can donate to Slanted Spines via PayPal. If you would like to support me, then make sure to leave me your address so I can mail you a special, personalized thank you gift! The link to this option is at the bottom of my About the Blog page on Slanted Spines.

And, of course, I am always open to accepting commissions for additional merchandise; if you desire a Slanted Spines bumper sticker, I will make it happen for you. You can contact me personally at bcole@slantedspines.com.

Thanks for stopping in! Hopefully you like what you see and come back soon!