The BC stands for Brittany Cole, because that’s my name. I’ve been telling stories for a while now—-since before I could really write, and I’d draw these scribbles on a page and read it out loud. But I can write now, and apparently well enough to graduate from Kent State University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Art in English and a Minor in Writing. Not to brag (except why else would you be reading this but to hear me brag?) but I wrote a novel for my Honors College Thesis and completed a writing portfolio during my undergraduate. Also, I was Summa Cum Laude.

My website is important to me because writing has always been essential to my identity and my happiness. I am grateful for this platform which allows me to share my imagination through my creations, and to share my perspective in a way that, hopefully, encourages my readers.

Right now I’m a whole manager at a breakfast-diner called Wild Goats (you may call me Her Goatness) where I have the privilege of working with an incredible team of people and visiting with our amazing guests who make up a beautiful community around the restaurant. I believe in Listening to the people I encounter in my life in order to understand them better, which allows me to care more deeply for them. Every person has a story, and a perspective, and I try to respect everyone so that they feel their perspective matters. As a writer, I think a lot about the lives of others and how they perceive the world, and as a philosopher, I think a lot about my ideas and beliefs about life and how I can share my message of peace and love with others. Mindful living is important to me and has helped me make great progress towards manifesting inner peace. I like to contemplate big picture ideas and focus on productive, healthy attitudes, and I believe in community, compassion, and cooperation. I want to guide people to healthy emotional practices and empower people to love themselves. Through acquiring key perspectives, people are able to grow more productively. I try to do that.

I like to write, read books and comics, draw, photograph, journal, drink tea, listen to music, hike, be with my loved ones, practice yoga, and meditate. I have a cat, who I like to make fun of even though I love her, and I feel most like myself when I’m outdoors, in nature, and in solitude or with a loved one. I have a very incredible significant other, who inspires me to be a better person every day, and who has helped me find the truest happiness I’ve ever known. And also I have a family, who you can blame for the way I turned out. (Love you guys!)

Although, like I said, my job is an all right gig, I can also be persuaded to write, edit, or draw/design content, for money. You can email me all your generous business propositions or contact me with any fan mail at

 Published Novel

Published Writing

Editing by BC

Brittany Cole is the editor for Maxwell Nobis, a short story writer. His work can be found at his literary publishing website, and on Amazon.

She has also edited Michelle Rodriguez’s novel Strengthened.

Writing Portfolio

For my undergraduate minor in writing, part of the requirement was to create a writing portfolio. I am most passionate about the art of the short story, so I wrote five short stories that all center around the lives of a handful of people who visit a restaurant called Sticky Fingers Diner.

You can view the complete portfolio, including the introduction by me, at this link:

Sticky Fingers Diner by BCole