Emily Dickinson once said, “Tell all the truth but tell it slant.” To me, as a writer, this means sharing our personal experiences and our individual perspectives. We each have our own “truth,” or subjective understanding of the world we live in, and the only way we can experience our lives is via our unique interpretation. We are who we are because of what we’re made of and what we’ve gone through, and our perspective of the world is influenced by this. Therefore, we all have our own angle of “truth,” our own slanted version of reality.

Three and a half years ago, I created Slanted Spines as a medium to publish my weekly writings. Over the years it has grown more than I ever expected it to–it’s gone from something only my mom reads to a website I share with a whole community of readers. My goal with this website is to help others empower themselves and to share a message of love and peace for all.

People ask me, “Why call it Slanted Spines?” Well, for one, I like alliterations. But also, it can mean many different things, and it has evolved in its significance the more I reflect on it.

I encourage you to value your “slants,” your unique qualities, your individual, trademark characteristics. I call this website “Slanted Spines” because I wanted to demonstrate the similarity between books and humans, how both people and books have spines, and how over time they become worn, and maybe weak, and slanted, but they still tell an important story. So, in case you were wondering, no, this isn’t a chiropractic blog or a medical assistance database!

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