I Fuel the Great Blog

At the beginning of the summer, when I started writing the first part of what turned out to be an eleven-part series, I didn’t intend for it to be more than a single flash fiction piece. Inspired by Ray Bradbury and the vintage science fiction artwork from the 60’s time period, I had originally sat down to revisit an old story idea I had conceived during middle school. I remember on my parents’ computer, I had named the original Word document “Dum Hum-Drum,” and I recalled it featured an elderly couple sitting at their kitchen table, coping with the boredom of retirement after having filled their lives with productivity and work-work-work. How would they possibly be able to grapple with “free time”? Continue reading “I Fuel the Great Blog”

Hiking with B

When I walk the dirty trails that wander through the woods, I am walking the muddy Pennsylvanian paths my eight-year-old feet traversed, I am walking the journey of our ancestors as they crossed land to forge this existence, and I am walking closely to the sacred earth that we will bestow to our posterity. When I walk among the trees, deep into the heart of nature, and the white noise of industrial society is blocked out by the trunks and the branches, something special happens.

For my significant other’s birthday, and because I was craving a hike day, we took a day trip to a hiking spot about three hours away from our home. Continue reading “Hiking with B”

Thanks for 2018!

This is the time of the season that we reflect on the year we had and evaluate our growth and what we have to be grateful for. It’s a beautiful time of appreciating our journey and experiences, and a time of challenging ourselves to grow and live better in the upcoming year. People share in this widespread tradition of reflection/motivation and are brought together over the hope for the new year.

For Slanted Spines, it has been an incredible year. Continue reading “Thanks for 2018!”

Language Changes.

People want to talk to me about proper grammar when they find out I went to school for English and writing. They want to hear what I have to say about English these days and how people are using the language–well, really, they want to hear an eloquent diss on peoples who don’t talk good. At my job, I once served a woman who perked up after hearing I studied English; she asked, “So what do you think we should do to get people to speak proper English?”

People want me to go off on a rant about the difference between “their” and “they’re” and how “ain’t” isn’t a word, but they won’t get that from me. Funnily enough, after studying English for three and a half years at a university, my collegiate conclusion is that… English doesn’t matter.

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Distinguished Documents

The most awesome thing about having a resume or a business card or a collegiate degree is that I feel totally legitimate and like I have my life put together just for possessing those key tools. The fun reality is that all the work I dedicated to possessing those things means basically nothing unless I put even more work, using my previous work. Isn’t having a college degree like having a wishing stone? All my dreams are supposed to come true now! All I’m hearing is a lot of Work Work Work talk and it’s making me tired.

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Ginger Judgments

Even though I’m a redhead, I’m not a vegetarian.

That’s what I’ve come up with, anyway, for the reason why so many people assume I’m a vegetarian. There was some point growing up when I realized that many of the redheads on television were characters who participated in vegetarianism, loved nature and animals, and were morally wholesome. At least, maybe that’s what I chose to notice about a lot of redheaded characters. I remember Chelsea from That’s So Raven as one of the characters of my childhood who I admired– she was a little goofy and kind of ditzy, but she cared about a lot of things and stuck to her beliefs.

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Purging my Possessions

It may be because I just graduated college (Oh yeah, I graduated college. Let’s take a few moments–actually, a moment doesn’t do it enough justice. Let’s take a few hours to reflect on this incredible achievement and think about all the hard work I put into it and consider how much debt I am now in and feel sorry for me for having to start paying those loans in a mere six months on top of the medley of bills I already pay by myself and maybe even pull out your check book and make it out to Ms. Extraordinary Supreme Queen of Kent and all the Land Brittany and my mailing address is….) but–uhhhhhh, where was I? People interrupt me all the time but it turns out that I myself am the best at interrupting me.

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