Wayfarers Series Book Review

A long, long time ahead of us in a galaxy maybe not so far away, the Wayfarers series by Becky Chambers takes place. This four-book science fiction series is not one to miss for lovers of the genre, and an ideal introduction for those seeking a gateway into space.

In this blog post, I review all four books, including characters, themes, and plots, and I do not include any spoilers. The books discussed here are The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet, A Closed and Common Orbit, Record of a Spaceborn Few, and The Galaxy, and the Ground Within.

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My Favorite Picture Books About the Ocean/Water from Oceans of Possibilities

As many librarians have, I spent the entire summer coordinating all my programs and storytimes to Oceans of Possibilities, the CSLP (Collaborative Summer Library Program) theme for 2022. Having sufficiently exhausted every last iota of interest I could possibly have in the ocean/water, I feel like I am drowning and ready to climb up onto the land! I present to you now a list of picture books that stand out from my waterlogged summer.

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Queer Graphic Memoirs – LGBTQ+ Autobiographical Non-fiction Comics

During my undergraduate degree, I read my first queer graphic memoir for a women’s lit class: Fun Home by Alison Bechdel. The comic format of such an introspective and personal narrative intrigued me, the visual rendering of her memories and reflections emboldened by such a medium.

It wasn’t until years later that I began seeking out more queer graphic memoirs, comics that recounted lived experiences of individuals a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Comics’ unique capabilities of storytelling and representing complex unspoken emotions allows creators and readers alike to connect in a highly accessible fashion. It is empowering to see yourself represented in a visual medium.

This blog post contains a list of graphic memoirs by queer and LGBTQ+ creators. These are true comics that present a narrative of the author’s life. Some of these center their queer identities more prominently, while others focus on different important aspects in their life. This list will be updated as I discover more queer graphic memoirs, and if you have any recommendations, I will happily add them.

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2 Picture Books About Grandparents: I Dream of Popo and All From a Walnut

Two recent picture books I’ve read focus on grandchild/grandparent relationships. They both explore the beauty of the inter-generational bond through a melancholy yet tender narration and beautifully styled illustrations.

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My Favorite Books Read in 2021

Happy 2022! In the year of 2021, I read 100 books, surpassing my goal of 50 books by double. I read short story collections, graphic novels, memoir, poetry, fiction, picture books, non-fiction, and audiobooks. Of everything I read last year, I now present to you some of my favorite books I read in 2021!

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5 Awesome Picture Book Biographies About Female Writers

Picture book biographies offer gateways to learning more about significant individuals. Their brief yet exciting contents share the most important details, and they allow us a starting point to learning more about someone who made an important contribution in our history.

The following five picture books are amazing biographies about female writers and librarians. Each tells the story of a noteworthy woman and features talented artwork. Enjoy!

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Cool Children’s Nonfiction Books for All Ages

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy a good children’s nonfiction book!

Whether you’re checking out children’s nonfiction from the library for your own child, buying a book for a young reader in your life, or looking to spark a little wonder in your own life, these books will hit the spot!

A few of the reasons why I personally love children’s nonfiction books so much is that they provide lots of straightforward and exciting information paired with pictures that make the facts pop even more. Plus, sometimes when I want to read but don’t feel like picking up a 300+ page book, children’s books can be great palate cleansers or stepping stones into future reads.

This list features five children’s nonfiction books to have on your radar!

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Book Gift Recommendations: Your Holiday Book-Buying Guide!

In my book-loving opinion, some of the greatest gifts you can give others are books! But picking out the right book can be tricky, so here are some recommendations for buying your loved one just the right book.

And if you’re wondering where to buy books, check out my blog post about 8 sites (that aren’t Amazon) where you can purchase books!

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