My Favorite Books Read in 2021

Happy 2022! In the year of 2021, I read 100 books, surpassing my goal of 50 books by double. I read short story collections, graphic novels, memoir, poetry, fiction, picture books, non-fiction, and audiobooks. Of everything I read last year, I now present to you some of my favorite books I read in 2021!

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5 Awesome Picture Book Biographies About Female Writers

Picture book biographies offer gateways to learning more about significant individuals. Their brief yet exciting contents share the most important details, and they allow us a starting point to learning more about someone who made an important contribution in our history.

The following five picture books are amazing biographies about female writers and librarians. Each tells the story of a noteworthy woman and features talented artwork. Enjoy!

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Cool Children’s Nonfiction Books for All Ages

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy a good children’s nonfiction book!

Whether you’re checking out children’s nonfiction from the library for your own child, buying a book for a young reader in your life, or looking to spark a little wonder in your own life, these books will hit the spot!

A few of the reasons why I personally love children’s nonfiction books so much is that they provide lots of straightforward and exciting information paired with pictures that make the facts pop even more. Plus, sometimes when I want to read but don’t feel like picking up a 300+ page book, children’s books can be great palate cleansers or stepping stones into future reads.

This list features five children’s nonfiction books to have on your radar!

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Book Gift Recommendations: Your Holiday Book-Buying Guide!

In my book-loving opinion, some of the greatest gifts you can give others are books! But picking out the right book can be tricky, so here are some recommendations for buying your loved one just the right book.

And if you’re wondering where to buy books, check out my blog post about 8 sites (that aren’t Amazon) where you can purchase books!

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8 Sites to Buy Books From Other Than Amazon

When it comes to books, I’m always on the lookout for websites with great selections and even greater deals. Although I haven’t been buying books for myself lately and have been borrowing from the library much more, I’ve decided that for the holidays this year, I’ll be buying everyone on my list books. Books are my wheelhouse, and it simplifies the shopping process.

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7 Anticipated Summer Book Releases

Before joining “Booktube” and engaging in an online community of readers, I never paid much attention to new releases. Now, I find myself incredibly excited for a number of upcoming book releases from authors I’ve enjoyed in the past and new-to-me authors!

Check out these seven upcoming summer book releases that I can’t wait to crack open while lounging in the sun this year! Everything you need to know to get geeked for summer reading!

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2020 Reading Highlights

In 2019, I read fifteen books. The year before that, I may have read five books. But in 2020, I read 74 books, and I think we all know why.

Of those 74 books, I would like to highlight some of the best, worst, and in between, that I think are worth recommending or warning others about. So, behold! The Slanted Spines Reading Awards!

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Autumn Reading List & Recs

Now that October is upon us, you may be feeling your preference in literature shifting as well. Many people enjoy reading spooky books during the Halloween and fall season, but sometimes it can be difficult to know which books will fulfill your personal requirements.

In the interest of helping my fellow readers curate their own autumn reading line-up, I’d like to share some of the books in my “Autumn Reading” pile and a few additional recommendations!

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The Slanted Spines 2020 Booklist

Happy New Year, Slanted readers! I have exciting (read: nerdy) plans for this year!

Slanted Spines is starting an informal book club! So, my fellow bookworms, get your notepad and paper out (or open a new tab on Goodreads) and take note! I’ve selected twelve books that Slanted Spines will be reading this year, and on the last Friday of the month I’ll post a book review featuring that month’s book. Hopefully, my Slanted Spines readers will join me in reading these books and discuss their thoughts following each book review!

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