Read More Books: Tips

Many people are impressed with the amount of reading I do. How can I read ten books in a month? To be fair, there are countless other readers who consume far more books than I do each month–some people are even able to read fifteen, twenty, thirty, and more books a month, though I should note that any amount of reading a person is able to complete is praiseworthy.

While the tips I offer here are by no means groundbreaking, I present them to you all the same. Above all else, I hope your takeaway is that you read more because you enjoy reading more, not because it’s a competition. And moreover, please be weary of burnout, and if you ever need to slow your pace or read less, allow yourself that break. Even for myself, I’ve been reading less for pleasure this month, as I’m inundated in school assignments, work, and personal life obligations.

That being said, I hope these tips empower you to foster your own love of reading.

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