Thanks for 2020?

It’s not quite the end of the year yet, but I’m going to dedicate this week’s post to reflecting on 2020, which is traditionally my last post of the year (see: “Thanks for 2018!” and “Thanks for 2019!”), but I’m bringing it to you a bit early because I have a few specific blog posts planned for the following weeks. (Also, I kind of just want to get this over with…)

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The Slanted Spines 2020 Booklist

Happy New Year, Slanted readers! I have exciting (read: nerdy) plans for this year!

Slanted Spines is starting an informal book club! So, my fellow bookworms, get your notepad and paper out (or open a new tab on Goodreads) and take note! I’ve selected twelve books that Slanted Spines will be reading this year, and on the last Friday of the month I’ll post a book review featuring that month’s book. Hopefully, my Slanted Spines readers will join me in reading these books and discuss their thoughts following each book review!

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