N.T. Ed and the Ghosts of New Years

I was not dead: this must be understood. There is a little bit of doubt about whether I was awake or asleep though; I’m still not completely sure whether this was all a dream or reality, but the writing on the wall does not lie. The strangest thing occurred to me last night, which I will now recount to you.

It was New Year’s Eve, an hour before 2020 would dissipate and 2021 materialize, a moment as simple as a single digit changing, yet an immensely anticipated event for cynics all around the globe. 2020 was the year the COVID-19 virus launched its evil plan to take over the world, and its oppressive regime seemed to change the fate of all humanity. Multiple other tragedies compounded on top of this disaster, leading to a worldwide attitude of hatred towards the year 2020. Like many other intelligible citizens, Bryant and I were spending New Year’s Eve at home.

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Slanted Spines’ Guide to A Christmas Carol Movies

(Why is it even called A Christmas Carol? Anyway…)

Interested in watching a classic, festive Christmas movie, but you’re not sure which one to go for? If you’re looking to watch a film adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, this blog post is your ultimate guide for which one to watch! This Christmas, we watched and reviewed fourteen different versions of A Christmas Carol so that we could share our findings with the internet.

Post updates:
11/22/22 to add Spirited (2022)

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