Bookish Brains Issue 1

Letter from the Editor:

When I was in elementary school and created my first email address, I founded an indie newsletter called The Goofball Times. Essentially, it was a weekly periodical comprised of weather reports, sports updates, a joke section, a creative writing portion, and whatever other current events I decided to include. I couldn’t have done it alone, though—I outsourced various research to my friends at the time; for example, Steve was in charge of emailing me the joke before the deadline. Then, I would send the completed newsletter via email to a handful of friends and family.

I don’t recall how many issues The Goofball Times ran, although my mother has them all printed out and filed away, my old email address now defunct. However, it was a noteworthy first attempt which naturally led to my later intrigue with running a blog, because, despite the drama of my friends missing deadlines or shirking their “commitment to the newsletter,” I had a lot of fun with it, and so did my charmed readers.

Now, I recollect that project with oozing fondness, and, inspired by the “me” of the early 2000’s, I would now like to launch a new series on my blog entitled Bookish Brains; this will be a brief collection of reading updates, including the materials I’m reading and reviewing, as well as what’s happening in the bookish-sphere.


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