Musings on Musings: A Book Review of Eating the Sun

A couple weeks ago, a post-yoga library trip brought me face-to-face in this galaxy with Ella Frances Sanders’ new book, Eating the Sun: Small Musings on a Vast Universe. I stood in the library looking at this book sitting upon the New Books shelf, and it was the ponderous font upon the inspired cover that intrigued me, the hand-drawn and hand-painted quality of the book’s front art design that was endearing to me. Flipping through its new-book-smelling pages, the short installments and frequent illustrations led me further into the fantasy of what wonders this book may hold, and I made a judgment call as to the likelihood of me actually reading this whole book amidst my busy schedule: quite likely, and even pertinent. Continue reading “Musings on Musings: A Book Review of Eating the Sun”