The House Cat and the House

Once upon a time and whence upon a land, a majestic house cat prowled the expansive planes of 143 Lanted Drive. This house cat stalked the interior of her castle, patrolling for intruders which were few and far between, happily eating and napping at heart’s will, and awing onlookers with her immense fluffy beauty and soft, golden-patched calico fur. She was a queen in her land, and she loved her luxurious life. Continue reading “The House Cat and the House”

The Day Shark Didn’t Understand

The Day Shark Didn’t Understand

Written in 2003 by a young BC

Once upon a time there were some animals that went to school. One of them was a shark. He was trouble. He was also very afraid. One day he did not understand a homework assignment about senses. He was too afraid to ask the teacher. Continue reading “The Day Shark Didn’t Understand”

A Pair of Glasses

A Pair of Glasses

Written by BC in 2003

Once upon a time there lived a lamb who always went to the library. But the words always appeared blurry. She didn’t know what to do about it. So she decided to tell her mother. Then when she heard news she got her some glasses. Lamb didn’t like the glasses but they were important. She didn’t want to go out in public, so she got her little brother to do it for her. Continue reading “A Pair of Glasses”

N.T. Ed and the Encyclopedia of Dreams: The Epilogue

“Aaaand N.T. with the win!”

The crowd went wild—-or, rather, Reid, Carli, and Talia went wild, cheering and dancing around, as N.T.’s sled crossed over the line drawn in the snow by Reid’s boot. Margaret trailed N.T. by a few seconds, sliding slowly on her toboggan and laughing at her own loss.

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N.T. Ed and the Encyclopedia of Dreams Part III

When N.T. regained consciousness, he was lying underwater, on an uncomfortable bed of pennies. Quickly he jumped up to his feet, splashing out of the water with only a fraction of grace, and looked around him rapidly to discover he was standing in a wishing well in the center of a town. Water dripped off of him as he took a moment to look around and jog his memory.

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N.T. Ed and the Encyclopedia of Dreams Part II

The muffled sound of churning water rushed Ned Theodore Ed’s ears, and he closed his eyes with the intensity of the sensation. Suddenly his skeleton body was tumultuously flung about, and he gulped but received no air, only water. He struggled with the underwater current, but his bones were propelled in random directions he wasn’t strong enough to resist, and within moments, he was hugging sand and the water rushed away from him as the tide retreated from the beach.

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Debbie and her Digging Dog

An Aged Anecdote: Debbie and her Digging Dog

Written by BC in March 2004

Once upon a time there was a girl named Debbie. She only lost one tooth and lived next to a deep ocean. Her parents owned a lot of land. One day, her dog was digging in her yard. “Stop digging,” shouted Debbie. Her dog kept digging. Continue reading “Debbie and her Digging Dog”

N.T. Ed Finds his Voice

Once upon a wintertime many years ago in Spinesville, when my dearest skeleton friend Ned Theodore Ed was just a young set of bones in fifth grade, Spinesville Elementary School had just returned from Thanksgiving break. All the kids in N.T.’s class were pretty bummed to go back to school, except N.T. had spent the entire Thanksgiving break reading in his room, and so he was very excited to be back at school so he could talk about his book with his favorite teacher, Ms. DeMarcio. Continue reading “N.T. Ed Finds his Voice”