N.T. Ed and the Apple Cider Whodunnit?

It was an Autumnal Affair, that autumn night.

It was a night that existed after a week’s preparation, a night that was the result of several shopping excursions, hours of crafting and decorating, and outstanding social suavity, a night that culminated from a desire to give the seasonally affected a reason to celebrate this otherwise possibly depressing impending winter. Ned Theodore Ed and Margaret Hadfield worked diligently on this party, fashioning every detail with eager attentiveness. Continue reading “N.T. Ed and the Apple Cider Whodunnit?”

N.T. Ed and the Jack of Tricks

There’s nothing quite like a Halloween tale about a scary skeleton, but would you believe me if I told you I knew a skeleton who wasn’t scary and who didn’t like Halloween? It’s not that he disliked Halloween, but he didn’t really like it, either. But regardless of whether someone likes something or not, it still sometimes happens, and so it turns out I do have a Halloween tale about a skeleton, after all, just a not-so-scary skeleton. Is that okay with you?

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