The Day Shark Didn’t Understand

The Day Shark Didn’t Understand

Written in 2003 by a young BC

Once upon a time there were some animals that went to school. One of them was a shark. He was trouble. He was also very afraid. One day he did not understand a homework assignment about senses. He was too afraid to ask the teacher. Continue reading “The Day Shark Didn’t Understand”

N.T. Ed and the Encyclopedia of Dreams Part II

The muffled sound of churning water rushed Ned Theodore Ed’s ears, and he closed his eyes with the intensity of the sensation. Suddenly his skeleton body was tumultuously flung about, and he gulped but received no air, only water. He struggled with the underwater current, but his bones were propelled in random directions he wasn’t strong enough to resist, and within moments, he was hugging sand and the water rushed away from him as the tide retreated from the beach.

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N.T. Ed Finds his Voice

Once upon a wintertime many years ago in Spinesville, when my dearest skeleton friend Ned Theodore Ed was just a young set of bones in fifth grade, Spinesville Elementary School had just returned from Thanksgiving break. All the kids in N.T.’s class were pretty bummed to go back to school, except N.T. had spent the entire Thanksgiving break reading in his room, and so he was very excited to be back at school so he could talk about his book with his favorite teacher, Ms. DeMarcio. Continue reading “N.T. Ed Finds his Voice”

The Lady Who Lived Behind the Mountain

The Lady who Lived Behind the Mountain

By BC from her childhood in 2003

Once upon a time there lived a lady. She was lonely. She lived behind a mountain. Nobody knew she lived there because the mountain blocked her house. Many people pay lots of money just to go down to Texas and see that mountain. The mountain is beautiful. One day when a mother took her baby to the mountain. Continue reading “The Lady Who Lived Behind the Mountain”

The Summer that Trash Took Over

It looked like a perfectly fine couch—a little outdated, plaid in cream and brown tones—but because of its proximity to the dumpster, one felt that there must be something inherently undesirable about it, not to mention it had rained earlier in the day and so it was probably soaked. The couch had been left in front of the dumpster and the cushions had been tossed in the dumpster, on a bed of trash bags.

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Aged Anecdotes: The Problem Tail

The Problem Tail

Written by a young BC

In December 2003

Once upon a time, long long ago, in a land so far away it would take you about 4 days and 4 nights to get there, there lived a beast named B-9. He was horrible. He had a tail. He loved his tail more than anything. B-9 was also greedy. Continue reading “Aged Anecdotes: The Problem Tail”

Aged Anecdotes: A Mysterious Shoe

“A Mysterious Shoe”

Written by a young BC, from April 2004

Once upon a time there were a few children. There names were Anne, Bill, and Claude. Claude liked books on deserts. Anne liked making new shapes. Billy liked making new chairs. They all shared a room. They would stay up until midnight if they were busy. One day they got a package. Billy opened it. Claude took it out. “Well, it looks like a shoe to me,” said Anne. Continue reading “Aged Anecdotes: A Mysterious Shoe”