Overcoming a Journaling Rut

overcoming your journaling rut

Sometimes, it’s hard to stick with journaling. Because journaling is an ongoing practice, similar to taking our vitamins or adopting a yoga routine, there’s no clear end goal. People of all ages can benefit from journaling, and there will never be a time in our lives when we don’t have thoughts or emotions. But it can be challenging to continue returning to our journal for multiple reasons, sometimes to the point where we give up on journaling altogether.

However, just because we’ve stopped journaling in the past doesn’t mean we can’t pick it back up again. If you have struggled with journaling but you want to find a way to get back into the practice, then keep reading for some friendly words of encouragement and helpful tips!

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I Restarted my Reading Journal…

So many books, so little memory! Or at least for me, anyway. Last year, I began a book journal (which I posted about here) for the purpose of logging information about books I read for my future reference. However, after only five pages into it, I ceased to use it.

The hardest part of keeping a reading journal is keeping up with a reading journal. (Again—for me, at least.) It’s easier for me to move on to reading the next book than it is to sit down and coordinate a beautiful page with stats, a summary, and my opinions, so I just stopped doing it until I got so far behind I didn’t even want to catch up because the task became so daunting.

However, then I received a notebook that was so perfect for my reading journaling needs, coupled with the fresh start of a new year, that I decided to give it another try. The failure of the first book journal? It was just a learning experience, and I’m here once again to discuss what I took away from my failure and my new attempt at keeping a reading journal.

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