Aged Anecdotes: The Problem Tail

The Problem Tail

Written by a young BC

In December 2003

Once upon a time, long long ago, in a land so far away it would take you about 4 days and 4 nights to get there, there lived a beast named B-9. He was horrible. He had a tail. He loved his tail more than anything. B-9 was also greedy. Continue reading “Aged Anecdotes: The Problem Tail”

Aged Anecdotes: A Mysterious Shoe

“A Mysterious Shoe”

Written by a young BC, from April 2004

Once upon a time there were a few children. There names were Anne, Bill, and Claude. Claude liked books on deserts. Anne liked making new shapes. Billy liked making new chairs. They all shared a room. They would stay up until midnight if they were busy. One day they got a package. Billy opened it. Claude took it out. “Well, it looks like a shoe to me,” said Anne. Continue reading “Aged Anecdotes: A Mysterious Shoe”