Timothy, Logan, and the Big Move

Timothy, Logan, and the Big Move

Written in May 2004

Once upon a time there was a boy named Timothy Adams. His mom was a Dr. and he lived on Cherry St. His parents owned over 100 yd. His best friend Logan lived on Crazy Ave. They both lived in the U.S.A. and they were almost neighbors. One day Logan’s parents told Timothy’s parents that they were moving out of state. Mr. and Mrs. Adams told Timothy that day. Timothy burst into tears. Then Timothy had an idea. Continue reading “Timothy, Logan, and the Big Move”

Creased Earth

Taking down the map

I was in a hurry, and the map was only partly attached.
As I peeled the tape off the walls, I surveyed the soft, worn edges of the map–
Old tack holes pierced the corners in clusters, and folded-over tape remnants from previous reigns.
This map had hung in my bedroom for over a decade now,
Its occupancy having begun on the purple walls of youth Continue reading “Creased Earth”