I Restarted my Reading Journal…

So many books, so little memory! Or at least for me, anyway. Last year, I began a book journal (which I posted about here) for the purpose of logging information about books I read for my future reference. However, after only five pages into it, I ceased to use it.

The hardest part of keeping a reading journal is keeping up with a reading journal. (Again—for me, at least.) It’s easier for me to move on to reading the next book than it is to sit down and coordinate a beautiful page with stats, a summary, and my opinions, so I just stopped doing it until I got so far behind I didn’t even want to catch up because the task became so daunting.

However, then I received a notebook that was so perfect for my reading journaling needs, coupled with the fresh start of a new year, that I decided to give it another try. The failure of the first book journal? It was just a learning experience, and I’m here once again to discuss what I took away from my failure and my new attempt at keeping a reading journal.

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