People Who Aren’t Us

To Bryant

I feel bad for people
who aren’t us.
People who don’t think romantically
about the number 42,
people who don’t think “incredible”
is an incredible word.
People who’ve never had their name anagrammed
as a way of being flirted with,
people who aren’t texted “Hey”
every day at 9:45 PM,
people who don’t share a handwritten letter
on the last day of every month—
people like that,
people who aren’t us.

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Being There

Our loved ones are special. They are the people who brighten our days and hold our hands when life gets rough; they are the people who love us for who we are, on our good days and bad days.

How we treat our loved ones matters. How we treat our significant other, our friends, our family, and all the other people who bring beauty and color to our lives–our co-workers, our neighbors, our online friends–matters. Often, simply loving someone is not enough; we must treat them with love, as well.

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