What I’ve Learned from Journaling

Journaling is an ongoing practice. Because journaling is an exercise where we write about our thoughts and feelings, and because we will always have thoughts and feelings so long as we are alive, there is no “end” to journaling. Perhaps we may decide to journal exclusively through the difficult times in our lives, but the opportunity to journal still exists once we’ve made those breakthroughs. Like meditation or yoga, journaling is a self-nurturing practice. We’re not necessarily meant to quit journaling once we’ve achieved a certain level of self-knowledge or emotional stability, so it’s not as though there is one big lesson to learn from journaling and boom–we’re done with it.

Rather, there are many things to learn from journaling, and often what each person learns from journaling will differ, because it is such a personal activity. Each journaler must develop their own unique journaling routine to best suit their personality and life experience, and so not everyone will “gain” the same things from the practice. They’re lessons we each must discover for ourselves.

Today, I’d like to share an overview of my journaling “journey” and a few of the things that I’ve learned from journaling over the past ten years.

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